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Kraken Pixels is the solution to add all social media pixels to your shop.

With installing the app you can add/delete pixels for Facebook, Tiktok, Snapchat, Google ads, Pinterest and Twitter with one click.

Why choose Kraken Pixels

Install all your social media pixels in your store

You already generated your pixel ?

Don't worry about the code, we do it for you ! Just copy / paste the pixel into the app and we'll take care of adding it to your store.

You don't know where to start ?

No worries, we will redirect you to the platforms links to generate your pixels for the different social media.

We keep it simple for you

The only application you’ll need to add scripts on your store

Easy integrations

Kraken Pixels allows you to add scripts where you want, maybe you want to a specific tag for a Product or for Collections.

Easy access to your list of scripts
  • Facebook pixel
  • Google Analytics
  • TikTok Pixel
  • Snap Pixel
  • Twitter Website Tag
  • Pinterest Tag
  • Hotjar Tracking

All pixels in one App

With Kraken Pixels you will be able to Keep all the pixels in one list, and helps you save time to manage them in different places, without openning multi different tabs.

All in one App
Add all your pixels and list them easily
  • Grouped by Platform's name as a tab
  • Easy delete unused Pixel
  • The show items button let you display where the Pixel well be executed


Kraken Pixels provides a support link where your can freely ask us any questions you might have.

Our support team will be available and quick to answer.

Convert discussions to tasks instantly
  • Notified on your email
  • Responses displayed on your support page

Kraken Pixels Plans for Everyone

Start for free, buy it when you it



  • One Master Facebook Pixel integration
  • One Master Twitter Pixel integration
  • One Google Analytics integration
  • 24/7 Support
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Per Month
  • Unlimited pixels for Facebook
  • Unlimited analytics for Google
  • Unlimited scripts for Twitter
  • Unlimited scripts for Snapchat
  • Unlimited scripts for Tiktok
  • Unlimited scripts for Pinterest
  • 24/7 Support
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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

What is Kraken Pixels?

A successful app that allows stores owner to easily integrate snippets of code on their online store, this snippets of code are provided by advertising platforms such as Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, Twitter Pixel, Snap Pixel, Pinterest and Hotjar.

How do I get the Kraken Pixels App for my store?

You can just copy past your store name for example "petpet.myshopify.com" on the form.


What is the difference between Startup Plan and Pro?

Startup plan allows sotres owner to add only one snippet of code for Facebook Pixel, Twitter Pixel, and Google Analytics.

Whereas the Pro plan allow stores owner to have multiple snippet of code for each platforms

  • Facebook pixel
  • Google Analytics
  • TikTok Pixel
  • Snap Pixel
  • Twitter Website Tag
  • Pinterest Tag
  • Hotjar Tracking

Common issues

Can I have trobles if my Facebook Pixel is already used by another app?

To be safe you have to use unused snippets of code provided by your favorite advertising app.

Why should I add multiple Pixels?

Having backups is always useful, and you can use this feature to push your marketing strategies, for example you can track a specific product or collection.

Why my product is not displayed on the add form?

When adding a product to your Shopify store, make sure that Kraken Pixels app is checked on the sales channel side, otherwise check it and save it.

How can I edit my Pixel?

On Kraken Pixels you can not edit your pixel, if you need to change an old Pixel to a new one you have to delete the oldest and create a new Pixel with the same configuration.

Why is the Master Pixel displayed on the product page while already having a specific Pixel for my product?

When choosing All pages in the add form, it means that your pixel will be added to every page on your store.

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